Evergreen Macro Specifications

2.5-ft high x 16-ft long, or over 40-sf of wall face

Depth of each element varies depending on the engineering design and considering the effect of vertical and horizontal earth loads bearing on the wall: 

  •     plus possible hydrostatic pressure
  •     live loads (traffic on roadways) above or below the wall
  •     the soil conditions below the wall that must support all of the above

Within Evergreen we designate the smallest element – – top of the wall “B”

Requirements used to produce components for BOTH Macro and Maxi elements:

Cold Drawn Steel Welded Wire Fabric/Mesh – – 72k min strength

Steel Rebar Reinforcement – – 60k min. strength

High Density Concrete – – 5000-psi min. – 28-day strength

Above components are placed in precision rigid steel molds, until properly cured.